The Next Goal Achievement : Build A Creative Life

People will change, and will always make changes. Because they want to achieve a better life. The good thing I want to do now is I want to be honest to my self. 

Not many people know my personal blog site. There are only a few people, because I think that what I write on my blog is not necessarily useful to others. Especially if I just write an impressive episode of my life. The people who love me will not need it, even for those who do not like me, they will not care about it. If you've found anything that is not important in the posts on this blog, please ignore it, Hehe.

This blog I make purely as a place of thinking, for my self-reflection that I ever happy, I've been sad, I ever lost my spirit, I was wrong, I've been disappointed, I ever admired someone, I've been confused, etc. The real thing that I want when I create this blog is that I can make myself better at organizing myself, being wiser in exploring myself, and more creative through the writings I write from the heart..

I like that one word. Yes, creative. Honestly, I'm not someone who has a skilled hand and can do all the things a woman can do. I am not a person who always has creative ideas when solving a problem. But, I just want to be a creative person. I want to be a person who has many creations in life, and  I hope I can find someone who has such personality like that.

I want to build a creative life. I want to be a new person, to be someone who is full of creations. I want to be more careful in behaving, more calm in responding, more wise to lower the ego, and I want to be more sharp in facing reality, without having to make myself pragmatic when I faced a difficult conditions.

It seems like the last few months when I moved from Malang, God showed me many new things that made me realize that 'I have to be more sensitive and learn a lot about life'. It also makes me more convinced that whatever episode of life that befell us, nothing is in vain. Good things or bad things, there is always a wisdom in it, it depends if we want to take it or not. :)

10.40 am | Sunday, 19th November 2017