How to Determine Your Passion?

One day, I posted a snapgram on my instagram account. There was one of my junior class, her name was Aim, and she asked me, "how to find passion"?

Okay, to be honest, I'm not sure about the explanation I'll share in this post. Because I'm not a person who has actually worked and expert in the field I am currently enjoying. But, please allow me to share my experience and tips on how to determine our passion? At least how to find out what we like and we can enjoy?

(Left to right): Icha and Nena (my junior class)

First, find and decide what you really like. One of my hobbies is to make graphic design. I very very very like graphic design. But when I decide the study program that I should take when I go to college, I didn't choose DKV, because at that time I think that graphic design is just a hobby. But, it turns out the hobby can help me when I choose the specialization field that is in my study program: biotechnology, marine exploration, oceanography, or marine conservation. So which field that I choose? I chose marine exploration. Why did I choose that? The reason is simple, that's because my hobby is design. In the field of marine exploration, students will learn how to design a map. And it's same as graphic design, just different in the application used.

The view of my work desk when I do mapping

I think you can find-determine your hobby very easily, and you will be able to correlate with the field you have learned. But all you have to do is ....

Second, you have to make sure that the field you've chosen will help you to explore that field indefinitely/without limit. That means you will really explore yourself with the field you have chosen, so that you will not find saturation in learning or mastering it, or when you sharpening your skills.

And the Third (last), you must dare to choose and accept the risk of your choice. Don't look at your friends choice before you know your ability. Just look at your abilities, and try to test your own ability to know what your limits are. For example, you join a competition, or you create a project in that field, or the most simple thing you can do; Learn and explore in-depth the knowledges or informations of the field you have chosen.

Hopefully my tips can help you... :)

3.45 pm | Wednesday, 12th July 2017