Improve Your Self by Love Something You Can Do

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Since I started my graphic design business in PROCEE CREATIVE, there was some criticism from my colleague who told me that I was a person who had the skills but in contrast to my field of study. Some others have asked me: Mu, which one would you choose, loving a job or do something you passionate on it? 

Actually, it's an easy question but a bit difficult to answer. Hmm... when I get a question like that, I've my own way of thinking. 

Basically, we've to know ourselves properly. It's about our abilities, our weaknesses, and learning to improve ourselves by understanding that two things. When we learn to understand our abilities, we can learn more about things we can do, and when we understanding our weaknesses, we can learn to limit ourselves so as not to pretend ourselves to explore something we are actually less able to do,  so that we don't waste our time and energy. I've done that to myself, I learned to understand the abilities that exist in me. After that, I try to explore my ability and i try something that I can do more with it.

In terms of work or expertise in it, I try something that I can do, and I never limit myself to try it. When I discovered my ability that I could make graphic designs and doing mapping for marine/coastal area, I explored myself to learn more about graphic design, about anything related to it, including I had to master various softwares. And actually, you can do the same, improve your self, as long as you've the ability and you have enough time to learn it. But when you don't have enough time, don't worry, it doesn't mean you have no chance to hone your skills. You just need to set aside a little time to improve your self. Force youself to do it!

the latest experiments I've done. I collaborated the graphic design with marine mapping/remote sensing
Yeah, indeed, to increase the quality of self it takes maximum effort. For me, the simplest way is ... start doing this with something you like, and love it when doing it. When you pour your enthusiasm in it, surely you'll be extraordinary. Cause being passionate about something you love will improve your self more better.

Trust me, it works :)

10.54 am | Tuesday, 29th August 2017