What Level of Success You Have Achieved?

I have been inspired by the thought of a professor, he is the principal researcher at Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG). So here's my version. And based on my simple thinking, I realized that:

We can succeed in getting higher education after high school; We only achieve Success Level 1
We made it through the first year of college with seriousness and success, it's Success Level 2
Being an active student who is critical with existing problems, and with our intelligence guided by the right path so we can provide the best solution, it's Success Level 3
Be able to balance the rush hour and divide the activity without forgetting our obligation to Him as the Giver of Time, it's Success Level 4
Able to maintain success from level one to level four. That is Success Level 5
Finishing college on time also at the right time with maximum results, it's Success Level 6
When all the science we get from the lecture or the knowledges we have, and then we can apply and dedicate everything for the benefit of society, it's Success Level 7. It is a high success rate in life. Khoirunnas anfauhum linnas- "The best humankind is someone whose beneficial to others"

so what level of success you have achieved?
Me and the other Marine Science Delegates of Brawijaya University while attending Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan ISOI XIII 2016