A Little Gift for My Dosbing

I still remember when I faced the hard times and it was very self-tested. Yes, when I finished my thesis. For me, completing the thesis and finishing the study period for 4 years is not easy. Because it's not about how we tested our intelligence capacity in research, but it's a test for us about patience, struggle, and mental strength.

At that moment I was afraid. I'm afraid that I can not keep my promise to my family that I can finish my college in 4 years. Another fear is that I have choosen a thesis supervisor (dosbing/dosen pembimbing) who people say that he rarely passes his students to graduate on time. Yeah, I know that I have to work hard, I have to keep my promise to my family, and I have to prove to my dosbing that I am worthy and able to graduate on time.

I am very grateful to Allah, when I face that difficult time, He always gives me the conveniences. and He always presents the people who always support me and give me unstopable prayer. All the ease from Allah has made me easy to do my thesis until finally I can graduate from college on time. Alhamdulillah ...

I also feel very grateful to my dosbing, Mr. Fuad, and Mr. Andik, because they teached me very wisely. I remember when I consulted my thesis with them, but the thesis paper I brought was no progress. The content I gave to them within 3 weeks is still the same. At that time, Mr. Fuad and Mr. Andik didn't show any upset faces or feelings disappointed to me. They just gave me an enlightenment. Mr. Fuad advised me to rest my mind first then my mind could be fresh, so the ideas would come easily. Besides Mr. Andik, he gave me a brilliant idea in compiling the results and discussion of my thesis, and it's very, very helpful to me. Thank you so much, Sir.

Honestly I really want to repay my dosbing kindness, I will try to make my research useful for the expansion of science and also for the socitey. Therefore, I include the results of my thesis as a journal paper in SINAS INDERAJA LAPAN 2017.

And by the will of Allah, on 17th October 2017, I was accepted as a speaker at SINAS INDERAJA LAPAN 2017. There was a small gift for my dosbing that my research was not only published as a national journal paper but also my thesis research poster was awarded as the best poster.

....for you who always support me and pray for me, I am very grateful to have you...
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal ...

04.30 pm | Tuesday, 17th October 2017

If you want to watch my vlog video about SINAS INDERAJA LAPAN 2017, you can click this link.